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Singapore’s Child, September 2008
Thrilling book for budding flora and fauna enthusiasts. 
Great for inculcating a love for nature in your kids!

Vanilla, September 2008
A Must-Read! An endearing story about a scary tree and a misunderstood bat,
with cool facts!

The Midnight Tree

Lifestyle, June 2008
Fun story on things that go bump in the night.  Learn something about bats
which do good for the environment.  Cute book!

The Midnight Tree
Junior U, June 2008
An adventure in a secret garden that got carried away.  Fun and educational book.

Ben’s Friends from the Rainforest

Simply Her, January 2007
Book of the month: Set to be a favourite bedtime story!

Ben’s Friends from the Rainforest & Secret Hoarder
Lifestyle, August 2007
Three good reasons to buy Adeline Foo’s books: Easy to relate to as there’s a local feel, stories are simple and enjoyable and visuals are really cute!

Lost in the Secret Garden
Young Parents, December 2007
Recommended for 4 to 7, a mystery set in a secret garden.

Motherhood, September 2007
A book to amuse children, to share about rainforests and the habits of its inhabitants.

Secret Hoarder
Singapore’s Child, August 2007
A noteworthy book with rainforest facts, children will enjoy this story
with learning something too.

Lianhe Zaobao, October 2006

Career Mother with a Creative Streak, Writing for Her Son
Balancing a job, three children and writing, this mum strikes an excellent balance as a role model.

“MONKEY BUSINESS – With kooky, colourful cartoons from Miel,
Straits Times award-winning artist.  Pure edutainment!”
The Sunday Times, 1 October 2006

"An interesting introduction to nature for the young."
Dr Wong Wei Har, mother of one and a Deputy Director with the Singapore Botanic Gardens

“Camy and Supermonkey are not only entertaining stories but bring kids closer
to ecology, which is much needed in our changing environment. I’m sure the
book will end up in most kids’ bedtime favourites list!”
 Howard Shaw, father of two and Executive Director of the Singapore Environment Council

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Ben’s Friends from the Rainforest
Sunday Times, 27 May 2007

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Illustrated by Miel